Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vintage Hotel key and key fob

Vintage Hotel key and key fob
For bid is a vintage Hotel Key of "Hotel Atlanta - 7 road 92, San Francisco 94,103"

Keychain is made of compressed wood, I'm sure some kind, and comprises 619 rooms each key is attached.

Bottom right corner bent up, but please do not take away from ..... Key LOOK AT PICTURES FOR MORE DETAILS.

Button at the top of the Drop in any mailbox ....." read - we guarantee stamp "followed by" 619 "is stamped in white and then print" Hotel Atlanta - 7 road 92 - San Francisco, California 94103 "

Vintage Hotel key and key fobOn the other hand is stamped, "WW.WilcoxMfg.Co - Chicago"

I bought this lock on a property sale and was told that around the years 1950-1970, but I think it earlier.

This is the key to Hotel San Francisco collector and enthusiast.

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